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Your Story Matters Videography and Personal Documentaries WelcomeYour Story Matters Videography and Personal Documentaries
Your Story Matters Videography and Personal DocumentariesYour Story Matters Videography and Personal Documentaries


Member Association of Personal Historians

What clients are saying

Discovery Channel Producer
…thoroughly delighted with the Habib Reunion Video

Founder, Executive Director
Empowerment through Improvised Movie Making
…a real gift for editing in the camera

Social Worker & IT Manager
…highlighted key characters and chapters in our lives

Every project that I
take on is as unique as the story it tells or the celebration it captures. For this reason, I work closely with you to design your personal documentary to suit your tastes and priorities.

Please call me for a free 30-minute phone consultation  and estimate.

Tel: 413-863-4480

Your Story Matters Productions
Keeping Our Stories Alive with Art and Technology

Customized Wedding Documentaries
  ›  artfully preserve the stories that brought you
      to this milestone
  ›  unobtrusive, photojournalistic approach
  ›  nuanced interviews tailored to your interests
  ›  feature-length on indexed DVD's

Memoir Videos of the stories that have shaped your family's history

Ethical Will Videos of your greatest legacy:
your values, not your valuables

Epilogue Videos of a loved one who has more to share in the last chapter of life

Celebration Videos & DVD's of the special events that express what matters most to you

Pet Movies of four-legged loved ones so their unconditional love can always be a comfort

Life Story Writing of very short pieces that get essential thoughts and memories on paper

Coaching of clients who have personal history projects they want to produce themselves

Clients tell us they do personal history projects and commission personal documentaries to:

Preserve memories and the mentoring they can provide
Say what needs to be said; Set the record straight
Strengthen our sense of heritage and connection among the generations
Gain insights into the meaning and purpose of your life
Create resources that will anchor and enrich lives for generations to come

… and because there's no telling what ripple effect our stories will have. What have the stories you heard while growing up meant to you?

All works by Your Story Matters
are presented on indexed DVD's


Carlyn Saltman
Personal Historian and
Award-winning Documentary Videographer

People often comment on the passion I show for the work of Your Story Matters. The reason I am drawn to it, over the international work that held me spellbound for almost 20 years, was expressed perfectly by Ellen Goodman in one of her Boston Globe columns after what turned out to be a daunting attempt to sort her attic contents...

"This packrat has learned that what the next generation will value most is not what we owned, but the evidence of who we were and the tales of how we loved. In the end, it's the family stories that are worth the storage."

-- Ellen Goodman,
Boston Globe columnist

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Tel: 413-522-0789

We're in Turners Falls in the Pioneer Valley -- the heart of western Massachusetts.

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